Finally, The Finest Italian Pizzas in Bengaluru

Address: Church Street, exactly opposite Queens Restaurant. Next to Amoeba.

Admittedly, I get quite irritated with the innovative and individual representations of Pizzas. I do more often than not, crave for the real deal- Neopolitan Style Pizzas.

My craving was fulfilled not by one of the Star Hotel’s masterchefs nor by one of the leading Fine Dine Italian Ristorantes here in Bengaluru. Instead, Brik Oven, a non-descript place on Church Street came to my rescue and how!!!

So what did they do right that others couldn’t, wouldn’t or didn’t (pick whatever you want).

1) Napoli style pizza: check
2) Perfectly foldable without breaking anywhere except at the cornicione: check
3) top notch quality of Buffalo Mozzarella used: check
4) Perfect ‘leopard spots’ type formation at the bottom of the crust indicating how well it has been prepared: check
5) Balance and blending of flavours to make the pizza one single dish: check
6) The time it takes for each pizza to be cooked in the brick oven :5-7 minutes:check
7) Doing away with the need to add anything extra on the pizza:check check
8) Right amount of elasticity to ensure that you have to tear a piece rather than break into it: check
9) Firm enough to hold all the toppings without spilling: check
10) Didn’t pay through my nose:check

Lo and behold!!! My new benchmark for Pizzas is here. Take a bow Team Brik Oven. It’s going to be very, very tough to beat you guys smile emoticon. 

Note: This is small place hence dont expect 5-star level service and pampering. They are usually choc-a-block and try their best to deliver orders as fast as they can. If you’re in a hurry, you might get edgy but if you ask me, the wait is well worth it. Always 🙂


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  1. anu says:

    Loved reading this!! Very exhaustive review. Lookin fwd to more such from the Jedi 🙂
    May the force be with youuu


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