Dessert Nirvana@Forennte, Pune

Location: Lane 8, Koregaon Park (in between Lane 6 and Lane 7), Pune

Forennte in Latin means to eat greedily. With desserts as delectable as theirs, not eating greedily is not an option.

Arguably, the most widely recollected brand when it comes to premium desserts and cakes, Forennte’s story is as fascinating as it is inspiring.

The brainchild of Namrataa Kripallani a self-taught dessert chef, Forennte has not just withstood the torrid test of time, but reinvented itself from a sleepy pastry shop to a vibrant cafe. The interiors are very tastefully done which gives it a very premium feel (befitting the stuff they sell). The soul still intact, though. They continue to dish out some of the most premium and innovative desserts that this city has seen. And I am not surprised. After all, Namrataa is often (and rightfully) credited for introducing Pune to unique desserts such as the Ferrero Rocher pastry, chocolate eclairs, and Oreo chocolate Mousse.

During this visit, we tried some of the new offerings: Salted Caramel cake, The Chocolate Orange slice and the Sacher torte.

Each completely unique in their flavours and textures, all three desserts are likely to find their way into the hearts for dessert lovers.

Salted Caramel is fast becoming a widely accepted flavour. The chocolate cake on which it lay has absolutely the right amount of moisture and balance of flavours. My pick of the three.

Chocolate orange is more bold in terms of the flavour. The orange in it is a combination of sweet and sour and blends perfectly with the slightly bitter dark chocolate Base.

The Sachet Torte is pure dark chocolate with raspberries in them. This was good, but the others were better.

We also tried the Rose Lemonade Cooler which again was excellent.

Now here’s the best part. All three of the above cakes were eggless (they also have a version which has egg in it). And what’s even better is that you won’t make that out. Guaranteed!!!

Are they pricey? Yes, they are at par with a PBC but is it worth it? Totally is…

There are quite a few new and innovative items on the menu which are guaranteed to ensure you keep going back to eat greedily. Here’s wishing them continued success and good fortune.

Forennte pastriesForennteSalted Caramel

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