Biriyani Paradise. Period.

The ‘world’s favourite biriyani’ place, based out of Hyderabad since the 1950s opened its doors to the city of Bengaluru about a year ago and since then there’s been no stopping them. Outlet number five (the other four being Frazer Town, Indiranagar, Koramangala and J P Nagar) opened very recently at Electronic City and quite expectedly, on a Saturday afternoon, the place filled up quickly.

I was privileged to be a part of a Food Bloggers Association of Bengaluru (FBAB) meet at Paradise, hence I was not charged for this experience. Such meets are very useful when it comes to increasing one’s understanding of a particular place and its offerings. Extensive interactions with the army of chefs at this outlet led by Chef Vijay Bakshi revealed some interesting aspects of the way Paradise ensures its quality and consistency. I’ll stay clear of these aspects because a lot of it may not be of interest to you. Instead, let’s get down to business and as always my review will cover only and only the Vegetarian items along with the Egg Biriyani.

The line-up of starters was impressive to say the least. We were served a mix of Chinese and Indian/Tandoori Starters. The Chinese Starters were Chilli Paneer and Veg Manchurian. THe Indian starters were much more in number including Paneer Hariyali Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Moongfali veg sheekh kabab and regular Paneer Tikka.

Unfortunately, the vegetarian starters were a complete let down. The veg Manchurian was too dry and lacked the flavour of Soya Sauce, ginger and garlic. The Paneer, across all dishes, was below par. It was tough, chewy and slightly sour. The marinations was too little to make any impact on one’s taste-buds.

Coming to the Biriyani -, we were served Egg biriyani with double masala. Yep, that’s right. If you really want to experience spice and flavour at the same time, then the regular Biriyani won’t make the cut. Instead, order any of their biriyanis with double masala. What’s the difference? It’s significantly different. The regular biriyani comes in three layers. The first layer consists of the masala (or the marinate meat in case you opt for the non-vegetarian versions). The second layer consists of rice mixed with the masala while the third and topmost layer consists of rice seasoned with saffron, ghee and mild spices. When you order the Double masala, the top most layer of rice is replaced with more masala rice thereby enhancing the spice levels and flavour.

So here’s my verdict: Paradise is a great place for biriyani. Whilst the starters were a letdown,to be fair to them, I did not get to try their Tandoori/Chinese main course items. Maybe next time, maybe not. For now, the Biriyani remains the main attraction.

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