Good food, even better service

Tandoor @ M G Road, Bangalore

Vegetarian Meal for two: Rs.1800-2000

In today’s day and age, we are quite privileged to experience delicious food across cuisines. New restaurants pop-up almost everyday and vie for our attention by dishing our innovative concepts. What I have noticed, though, is a steady deterioration in the service levels of most new restaurants. Blame it on training or attitude or a bit of both, the fact is that increasingly customers are voicing their bad experiences using multiple forms of media (Social Media being the loudest). But this article isn’t about service levels of a new restaurant. Instead, it is about a restaurant that has withstood the severe test of time and the nuclear level explosion of new eateries. I’m referring to Tandoor, the 33-year old Frontier Cuisine Restaurant that has become a landmark of sorts on M G Road, Bangalore.

First, lets talk about the food. Being my first visit in more than 3 years, we decided to leave it to the Manager to serve us whatever he felt were their vegetarian best-sellers. Since we were in a hurry, we decided to skip the Starters but do check them out; especially for items such as Patiyala Mirchi ke Pakore and Makki TIl amritsari.

The manager recommended Paneer Masala Lababdar and Dal Makhani along with Tandoori Roti and Roomali Roti. The food arrived within minutes and was piping hot. The Roomali Rotis were soft with the right amount of elasticity to easily tear away a piece. The tandoori rotis were just how we had asked for them – Slightly crisp. 20160615_153820

The Paneer Masala Lababdar was an instant hit with us as we filled little pockets of Roomali with rich, thick and flavoursome masala and succulent tender bits of paneer. THe masala was flavoured with Tomatoes and onions, Garam masala, jeera (Cumin), and of course red chillies. The Lababdar was quite different from what I’m used to having at other restaurants because this had a healthy dose of red chillies. You wouldn’t be too off the mark if you said that Tandoors version of Paneer Masala Lababdar is a mix of Kadhai Paneer and the Paneer Makhani. What’s important is that it worked.20160615_153823

The Dal Makhani would easily qualify as among the top 3 in the city of Bangalore. It was rich, creamy, and flavourful with all the spices (Especially Cinnamon) in just the right proportion. Scoop it up with some roomali roti and you will not need anything more to complete your meal.20160615_153826

We ended the meal with some hot Gulab Jamoon. It was decent but I suspect that there are better desserts on the menu.

Now for the service, it was 1525 hrs when we called the restaurant to check if they would be kind enough to accommodate us. After all, the last orders in most restaurants range from 1445-1515 hrs. The manager politely asked us if we were nearby to which we replied affirmative.  To our pleasant surprise, he welcomed us to dine there. Since we were less than 5 minutes away from the place, we literally made a run for it.

Not only did they serve us with the same levels of enthusiasm and professionalism that they are known for, they even got us another round of rotis despite the clock striking 1600hrs. This kind of service is quite rare and I dare say that it will hold them in good stead for another 33 years. Whether or not Tandoor still holds its position as one of the best Frontier Cuisine restaurants in town, the good food and the exemplary service levels will continue to me very interested 🙂

Our meal cost us Rs.1550 inclusive of taxes however we did not order any starters. If you order starters as well, you will is likely to touch Rs.1800-2000 inclusive of taxes

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