Dessert Artistry@Fabelle, ITC Gardenia, Bangalore

5 visits in less than 2 months!!! That’s how much I love this place. This, of course, is the first time I’m writing about my experience in detail. Fabelle is the result of painstaking research and experimentation by the very best dessert chefs at ITC Hotels.The concept of Fabelle is to bring World Class Chocolate indulgences to our cities.

Let me first begin with this box of delectable Chocolate Ganache made with 64pc pure Ghana cocoa, butter and fresh cream. Each piece is sprinkled with rich cocoa giving it that all-pervasive bitterness that slowly makes way as you bite into the chocolate. You can’t escape that eyes-wide-shut feeling once the bitterness eventually blends with the sweetness.

What’s truly impressive is that when you buy a box of these beauties, they give you a cooling bag to keep the chocolates from melting. Don’t miss the little fork that comes along with it 🙂A box of 20 pieces cost me Rs.750 which I happily pay every time.

Now let’s talk about their desserts. Featured here are two of their most popular desserts namely the 84pc Dark Chocolate Signature Petit Cake with Fleur-de-sel and The Black Forest Revisited.

84pc Dark Chocolate Signature Petit Cake with Fleur-de-sel

I hereby pronounce the 84pc dark Chocolate Signature Petit Cake with Fleur-de-sel the Mother of all Chocolate Desserts. Why? Because never have I had a dessert where there is so much happening. It’s a heady mix of pure dark chocolate ganache, an intense citrus infused chocolate cream and some rich chocolate mousse. But that’s not all, the dessert is placed on a sea-salt nut sablè that is glazed with bitter cocoa. The slight sourness, when had with the rest of the dessert is simply a delight to the senses.

Black Forest Revisited

The second dessert we ordered was the Black Forest Revisited consisting of 64pc dark chocolate, Berry confit and pure vanilla bean creme. The Berry confit was simply divine and paired beautifully with the outer layer of the dessert. The best was yet to come. Once you cut right through the centre, the vanilla beam creme injects the dessert with its pronounced flavours thereby completing the experience. Our bill amounted to Rs.975, which is an absolute steal for such quality. I’ve had desserts around the world at much more expensive prices that can’t even hold a candle in front of Fabelle.

Take a bow, Team Fabelle!!!!

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