Mexican Brilliance @ Chinita, Indiranagar, Bangalore

I would highly recommend Chinita to anyone who loves Mexican food. They tick all the boxes when it comes to taste, variety, quality and service. The ambience, too, is unpretentious and vibrant. And the best part is that there’s enough and more for us vegetarians 🙂

We ordered the following:

Almond Horchata: something like a mix of Almond milk and rice extracts. This drink is quite refreshing. It comes topped with cinnamon so do let them know if you’re okay with that. I ,personally, don’t like cinnamon hence would prefer it plain.

Iced Cafe con leche : iced coffee with milk. Not too sweet, which was a good thing. Another refreshing drink.

Iced lime tea: pretty standard stuff. Nothing extraordinary.

Hot chocolate: Rich and creamy dark hot chocolate. Sinful to say the least. The spiced version comes with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Quesadillas stuffed with vegetables and cheese: The dish was well done. We enjoyed biting into the mildly elastic Quesadillas accentuated by cheese.20161220_133905

Nachos with Soyrizo: regular Nachos smothered with beans, soya granules , sour cream, jalapeño peppers and melted cheese. This dish vanished in seconds despite being ample in quantity. They also threw in some jalapeño relish on the side for some extra punch.


Enchiladas with zucchini and corn: soft tortillas baked to perfection with just the right amount of cheese, this is a must-order dish. For those who prefer non-spicy additions, our for green peppers and Onions.20161220_141648

Mole with cilantro rice and tofu: in my opinion, the dish of the day! Perfectly flavoured cilantro rice made with Mole- a typical Mexican sauce which consists of Chipotle chillies, tomatoes, onions, cumin, garlic and and dash of chocolate. The sauce was thick and creamy and the silken Tofu was as good as I’ve had.20161220_141447

Burrito bowl: The standard Burrito bowl is ands classic mexican dish that is ands meal on its own. As sides, we ordered caramelised onions and spinach. The bowl was refreshing, and filling.20161220_141854

Have to make a special mention of the guacamole that we ordered on the side. Creamy yet slightly chunky with the right balance of avocado, tomatoes anand vandalism onions. This is the best guacamole that I’ve had.20161220_142312

Chocolate chilly cake with ice cream: This is another reason to go back there repeatedly. At first, you don’t feel the effect of chillies at all. Gradually, as you chew the moist cake combined with ice cream, the flavour of chilly starts to take over, and stays with you till you are ready for the next piece. The cake was perfectly moist. Sheer brilliance.20161220_143605

This meal, for the four of us, amounted to Rs. 2500 all inclusive (including a 10% service charge). That’s about Rs.625 per person. For this quality and taste, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid before paying. The service is warm and non-intrusive, yet attentive and friendly. I can safely say that I’ve found my go-to place for high quality Mexican food.

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