Gourmet Italian @Gurgaon

Bella Cucina is an Italian Restaurant located within Le Meridien Hotel. With a newly revamped menu, there are some interesting creations curated by Chef Amit Singh. Here are Some that captured my attention.

20170610_141715Asparagus and Smoked Yoghurt Salad: served with orange sphere, baby lettuce and olive skin shavings.
A wonderful medley of flavours and textures. Despite the presence of so many other ingredients, the asparagus took centre-stage, which is exactly how it should be. Leafy, smoky, citrus-y, fruity – this salad had it all and will rank as an all-time favourite.


Spinach and Pine-nuts Ravioli in a Morel Mushroom sauce. Morels tend to be very expensive hence they are used scarcely. I do tend to grab any/every opportunity to try them out. This ravioli was very well-made however the morel sauce and a hint of truffle oil completely doused the rather delicate flavour of Spinach and pine nuts. A good effort, though, and an item definitely worth trying out at this place.

20170610_144308The Absolute Chocolate Cake: Bailey’s chocolate sponge with hot chocolate poured. Simply nailed it. Just the right amount of bitterness (70pc cacao) made even more flavourful by the hot chocolate. Note: This was half a portion and a complimentary dish from the chef.

Bella Cucina does show promise when it comes to gourmet Italian food.  Surely worth more visits.

Note: This meal was paid for in full by me except for the dessert which I have mentioned was complimentary 🙂

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