Baba Chatkora: Never a Dull meal

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When Baba Chatkora opened its doors to the public last year, the beginnings were quite humble. A tiny outlet located near the bustling Udipi Garden Junction at BTM Layout, they were dishing out some truly special vegetarian Punjabi Food; their piece de resistance being the Amritsari Kulchas.

Earlier this year, they opened a second outlet in Basavanagudi, known as the de facto hub of vegetarian food in Bengaluru. I had the privilege of attending the launch and, subsequently, have made several visits to this new outlet. Each visit has reinforced the fact that Baba Chatkora is consistent with their quality, and hence, I decided to pen down this article about them.

Baba Chatkora is run by four young men, each of whom is a first-timer in Entrepreneurship. Their passion and dedication is evident in the fact that the restaurant is doing brisk business on all days for both lunch and dinner. If you have not visited thus far, then I would definitely recommend the place. Here are some of the dishes you absolutely must try:

Barbeque Platter: The Barbeque platter is a great way to try out many items in one go. It is a hearty platter which consists of some of Baba’s most popular dishes including Chaaps (read below), Tikkas and Dahi Ke Kebabs.

Amritsari Kulchas: These tend to dominate the menu as it is what made them famous. Whilst there is a good variety available to choose from, my personal favourites are the Cheese kulcha and the Onion Kulcha. The flavours stand out in both these varieties better than the rest. Accompaniments include Chhole and tangy chutney made with coriander, green chillies and lime. The Kulchas are indeed the best items on the menu.


Chaaps: Baba Chatkora has another item on their menu which has grabbed the attention of many (including me). Chaaps are a soya-based mock meat creation that has caught on especially well in Delhi. Baba Chatkora brings the experience closer with several excellently marinated Chaaps. My picks of the lot are  Achaari Chaap and Malai Chaap. The Achaari Chaap is spiced with Pickle masala and is quite pungent while the Malai chaap is, yup you guessed correctly, very rich in cream. For those on a low carb diet, Chaaps are a fantastic wa to up your protein intake.


The Barbeque Platter

Dal Makhani: Baba does a good job with their Dal Makhani. It isn’t quite as rich as some of the other places but that’s a good thing. They get their Cream: Dal ratio just right. Sorry, pic not available for this one 😦

Ghee Aloo Tikki: For carb lovers, the Aloo tikke fired in pure desi ghee is will leave you ecstatic. It is also the dish that reminds you most of chaats up north. Go for it with your eyes closed. Apologies for the poor pic quality.

Ghee aloo tikke chaat

Gol Gappe: One of the biggest attractions at Baba Chatkora is their Gol Gappe. Served with as many as 6-pani variations, this chaat dish took me straight back to the streets of Delhi. My favourite is the Hing-waali paani and the kaali-mirch wali pani. Do note however that Gol Gappe is available only after 4pm.

6 aqua pani.
Sweet Lime Pani, Hing Pani, Jeera Pani, Kaali Mirch (Black Pepper) Pani, Coriander Pani and Guava Pani

So there you have it. This was an article overdue but now that it’s here, I do hope you enjoyed reading it.

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