An Evening with Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar

From the time I started my journey as a food blogger, I’ll admit, I have had the dubious distinction of missing Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar’s events every time he has visited Bangalore.  This time, when I received an invitation I made sure that nothing would come in my way.  The charismatic Chef was accompanied by Shwetambari Shetty, Fitness Expert and Zumba instructor, for an event hosted by Philips to showcase two of their premium kitchen appliances – The Airfryer and the Masticating Juicer.

The event, held at the Vivanta by Taj, M G Road, was well-attended with some of the city’s most renowned food bloggers and home chefs marking their attendance. With a clear emphasis on Philips’ commitment towards healthy eating, Gulbahar Taurani, Sr Director, Marketing and Business Head Domestic Appliances said, “With lifestyles becoming faster, it’s imperative that our eating habits evolve too. The need for nourishment often takes over the want for delicious dishes we would otherwise choose to have”.  His statement was reinforced by Shwetambari Shetty who said, “Good food not only nourishes our body but also our soul. A combination of a healthy diet and physical workout helps you feel good overall on most of the days. Philips Kitchen Appliances offer a range of intelligent devices that make working in the kitchen faster and give you the freedom to enjoy food without the guilt. It reflects the years of work and research that Philips has put in the culinary world”.IMG-20171122-WA0025

Chef Ranveer Brar started his session by endorsing Philips as a brand and how it aligns with his belief of balancing food with lifestyle and nutrition, “I am happy to be associated with Philips ‘Healthy Living Portfolio’ which can make scrumptious food a part of your routine while keeping your health and food nutrition in check. I’ve always believed that eating healthy is essential in this day and age, to keep up with the hectic life all of us lead; therefore my focus has remained on creating delectable treats which are not compromised on nutrition. Philips Kitchen Appliances are the perfect addition to any Kitchen”

The dishes he had curated for the evening were the following:

  1. Fried Idli
  2. Chettinadu Fish Fingers
  3. White Chocolate Brownie
  4. The Green Belt (pic not available)
  5. Feisty Flavours

The first three dishes were made using the Airfryer with a clear aim of showcasing its versatility while the last two were juices made in the Masticating juicer. I know, I know, you’re probably wondering what on earth is a Masticating Juicer. In plain terms, Philips describes this product as your very own Cold-press juicer that uses a slow-juicing mechanism with minimal heat thereby ensuring the nutrients retain their core values. The event was highly interactive with a lot of useful cooking and fitness tips shared by both Chef Brar and Ms Shetty.  To enhance audience participation, Philips had a series of questions on recipe compositions, nutritive values, ingredient origins, etc. Correct answers were rewarded with Philips Hand-blenders as prizes.  Here’s some trivia for you:

  • Moong dal originated from India
  • The word Mocha originated from Yemen
  • Turmeric is an excellent way to combat inflammation

Once done, all 5 dishes were put up for display and tasting. Personally, whilst I really liked the idli, I found the juices to be absolutely fantastic. Being a vegetarian, I skipped the Chettinadu Fish Fingers but feedback from my fellow foodies suggested that it was quite good. The event ended with the customary selfie session with both celebrities followed by dinner.


Personally speaking, I was delighted to be a part of such an event. I have to say the Chef Brar’s audience interaction skills are superb. Not only did he share a lot of his knowledge, he also made it interesting and entertaining with his ‘Punjabi swag’.  He is as affable in person as he is on his YouTube channel. Shwetambari Shetty is a delight to converse with given her knowledge of fitness and diets. Needless to say, she also drew many enviable and admirable glances from the audience.

From what I gathered over the course of the event, the Airfryer and the Masticating Juicer appear to make a compelling case to add to your kitchen collection. As a home chef who prepares a lot of soups, smoothies and juices, my first investment will probably be the Juicer.  I thank Philips and Team Avian Media for inviting me to this event.

Photograph credits: Avian Media, Self

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