The Big Wong XL really does Excel

My first visit to Big Wong XL, back in January, didn’t excite me nearly as much as it should have. The food, whilst being good, wasn’t something I’d go back for, at least not in a hurry.

Since then, i have either dined there or ordered in, at least 5-6 times and every single time, their food has impressed me.

Yesterday’s meal, too, was excellent. The items that really stand out are are
1) Hot & Sour Soup:with Piquant flavours, loaded with Tofu and Mushrooms (upon request)20180323_145343

2) My favourite dish, Kung Pao Tofu, now stands amongst my favourite oriental appetizers. A tangy, slighrly sweet sauce tossed with some of the best tofu I’vehad in Bangalore.20180324_074259

3) Chilli Garlic Noodles: Don’t expect subtlety here because the chilli garlic noodles come with a generous dose of chilli oil. Can be had without any accompaniments.20180323_150718

4) Asian greens Dimsum: Absolutely brilliant steamed dimsums served with a cheung fun sauce (Made with Soy sauce, Sugar, water and Oyster Sauce).

Other items that we ordered included Thai Basil Fried Rice, a well-made dish with some roasted chilli paste and thai basil – very good on its own but pales in comparison to the rest of the items we ordered.20180323_150607

Big Wong XL is pricey but that doesn’t deter me. The quality of their produce ranks with star hotels. They do have an executive lunch from mon-fri which is attractively priced.

My favourite oriental restaurants in Koramangala, namely Hunan and China Pearl may not be toppled by Big Wong XL, but both my belly and heart are large enough to happily accommodate one more favourite

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