The Dhaba, Estd 1986

All spelling mistakes are intentional. Please read this the way Punjabis speak English and you should find it quite funny. 

Pliss pardon some of the spallings and prounouces as I am still affacted by the Punjabi wards that i rad in the place.

Ladis and Jantlemans, the Dhaba estd 1986, has amongst the bast Dal Makhani dishes in town. Even the aather dishes like Chhole were vary good with the right amount of masala being added. The colour of the chhole along with the texture make it a must-order dish here. One of the must trai dishes there is the the paneer tikka had the perfact moisture and was laden with flavar of cream, green chillies paste, and saffron.

Dal Makhani
Paneer Tikka

The vaaag galouti kebab was decent but the ulte tawey da parantha that accompanied it was vary hard. Didnt enjoy it and i would urge them to work on this. The baingan da bharta was also disappointing with way too much masala. Also, the dish lacked three essentials 1) mustard oil 2) smoky eggplant 3) jeera flavour. The chef was kind enough to take note of our feedback.

Baingan da Bharta
Veg Galouti

Amongst the dasserts, I personally liked the kulfi very much. It was creamy yet with the right ‘bite’ and was not too sweet.  The other two that we ordered i.e gulab jamoon and Rabdi were below par.

Matka Kulfi
Gulab Jamoon


There’s planty on the mannew to keep me interested for at least 3-4 visits and I see myself ‘dinning’ here quite often.

Code of athics: I spent my own patrol and came here and paid for my food as well. My dear fraaand Neil gave the group a good discount.

This is Jaaadeep signing off for now.

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