HappyHealthyMe: Makes me happy, very happy!

HappyHealthyMe is the manifestation of the vision of Namu Kini – a nutrition, health and fitness enthusiast, and also a triathlete. The passion that goes into running India’s first 100% certified organic store certified by NPOP (National Programme for Organic Production) as well as USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is evident in every product that the store stocks. You can check-out their impressive range of staples, fruits and vegetables and other products online at www.happyhealthyme.com however I strongly recommend a visit to the store and, ideally, an interactive session with Namu.

This article, however, is not about the products available at the store. HappyHealthyMe puts its money where its mouth is by dishing out some pretty impressive food at their dining section. A few of us were invited over to try out some of their offerings and I must say, we were taken by surprise more than once!

What was excellent:

Crimson Blossom Juice: A cold-pressed juice combining Beetroot, Pomegranate and Carrot is a great way to kick-off your meal experience at the store. The freshness of flavours especially the natural sweetness of all three ingredients was evident in every sip.

Forbidden Salad: A salad prepared using Black Rice (often referred to as Forbidden Rice), Tofu, ginger, sesame, and their home-styled Miso Paste. The dish was a brilliant orchestration of flavours and textures. Unmistakably umami, yet well-balanced, this is a salad that will keep me going there regularly.20190213_132838

Flaxseed Pudi with Millet Idlies served with ridgegourd and peanut tomato chutneys: Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love eating idlies. By now, thanks to preparations that are available in abundance in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, I am quite used to using substituting rice with millets quite regularly. The millet idlies were soft and delicious however the chutneys and flax seed pudi were the real scene-stealers.

Millets Idlies with Flaxseed pudi and chutneys. Pic Courtesy: HappyHealthyMe

The Life-changing platter: This platter consists of crackers made using Oats seeds, cashew cilantro pesto, beet hummus, regular hummus and a quinoa tabbouleh salad. What I really loved about this platter, apart from it being very colourful, is the uniqueness of each dish. The spreads were fantastic with my favourite being the beetroot hummus made using Chickpeas, garlic, their home-styled Tahini, lime, cold-pressed sunflower oil, cumin powder and beetroots. The oats crackers are a great snack on their own and provide a much-needed crunch. One must note here tha the quinoa is sourced locally rather than being imported.IMG-20190213-WA0009

The Lifechanging Platter. Image courtesy: ThehungryJedi & HappyHealthyMe

What was good:

A plateful of goodness: This is usually a thali-type meal with a rotating menu depending on the produce available on that day. We were served Ragi Rotti, Channa Masala, Foxtail Millet Pulao, sautéed Amaranth (always a favourite), potato and capsicum dry curry, and raw methi salad. The only reason this falls into the good category and not the Excellent category is that I am personally not a fan of channa masala and pulao. I found the channa masala to be slightly overcooked and not to my liking even in terms of spice levels. The amaranth, potato-capsicum and ragi rotti were vey good.

A Plateful of Goodness. Image courtesy: Nirmala Balakrishnan

Whole Wheat Brownie: Good but by now I was too full to appreciate it. I didn’t try their Lemon cheesecake.

Wholewheat Brownie: Image Courtesy: Nirmala Balakrishnan

My overall experience at HappyHealthyMe was definitely a memorable one. Apart from the warm hospitality courtesy Namu Kini, the food at the store speaks volumes of the painstaking research that has gone into each dish. It is a place that I will frequent in the days to come. A special word of thanks to Nirmala Balakrishnan for putting this experience together 🙂


HappyHealthyMe is located in Indiranagar and Whitefield, in Bangalore. Here are the google map links:

Indiranagar: https://goo.gl/maps/ScSc1GaFVrL2

Whitefield: https://goo.gl/maps/Evvhd6hiPUo


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