Now that you’ve made it here, let me point out a few things that you need to keep in mind when you visit this blog:

A)¬†ONLY Vegetarian and Eggetarian reviews: That means even if I’ve visited a place that serves both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Food, I will review only the former and not the latter.

B) Restaurant/Eatery Reviews: All paid for by me; No free meals. If there is a free meal, then I will mention it in the review.

C) Recipes: Tried and tested by me as well as some experiments. Wherever I have used someone else’s recipe, due credit will be given to them

D) Dish Alerts: Some restaurants/eateries are known for particular dishes. These will be highlighted.

E) Product Suggestions: Admittedly, I try a lot of new food products. You can expect these to be reviewed here too. For example, Which are the best brands of pasta, what sambar masala should you use, etc.